This Blank Space

This blank space has been staring at me for a month now. The desire to swoop up KalicoForest as a domain had been on the back burner even longer. But suddenly the switch feels like cheating. Like dropping a best friend on the side of a dirt road and driving off. Never looking back. But then I come back down from my dramatic daydream. And use this as a step. A step up.


I recently had the opportunity to reconnect and work with a dear childhood friend. She's an amazingly beautiful bombshell of a redhead, who also happens to be the best graphic designer I know. Mind you, she's the only graphic designer I know. But this truly shouldn't take away from the compliment. I live in a tiny bubble surrounded by working class men and fluffy dogs. Okay, back to the story. She loves me, I love her. And she gave me the chance to do a little writing, photography, and editing for her quarterly magazine! See what I mean- she's amazing! The fall issue, Indigo, is hot off the press. If you aren't fortunate enough to live in the deserts of Las Vegas you can flip through the online copy here.

To enjoy the rest of my Idaho ramblings and soak in some snapshots head over to my old space.